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Gilbert Road access to the landfill is currently closed by ADOT.

Please use Country Club Road. Follow Country Club north until it runs into Highway 87 at McDowell Road. Then, Take Highway 87 (Beeline Highway) north for approximately 4 miles to the first light at Gilbert Road. Make a Left into the landfill.

Last Updated: 4/3/2023

City of Scottsdale

City of Scottsdale single-family residential customers that pay for residential solid waste collection services have the ability to use the Salt River Landfill once per week at no charge. Residents must present the top portion of your current City of Scottsdale utility bill showing residential solid waste collection charges and a valid driver's license showing the same name and address that appears on your utility bill. E-billing customers must print your online statement and follow Landfill Guidelines (Cellphone copies or pictures will not be accepted)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your load weighs more than 2,000 pounds or one (1) ton, you will be required to pay the full gate rate ($43.00 per ton) for the entire load. No credit is given for the first 2,000 pounds.

Homeowners are responsible for any surcharges such as tv's, uncovered loads or for appliances that contain freon.

Please call the City of Scottsdale Solid Waste Services Division at (480) 312-5600 for further information or visit their website at:

NO UTILITY BILL - PAYING BY CASH: Presenting your City of Scottsdale utility bill is NOT needed when completing a standard cash transaction.  No limitations on load weight and vehicle size are set.

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