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Clean Fill

Clean Fill is defined as earthen material (soil) that is uncontaminated with any chemicals such as petroleum products, volatile organics and/or pesticides/herbicides.  It may contain some rocks and stones but must be mostly soil.  It should have minimal (very little) amount of grass or other vegetation. No sod or soil with large clods will be accepted as clean fill.

Clean Fill will need to be inspected and approved prior to weighing in. Upon entering the Landfill please use the right-hand lane and turn at the first driveway to the right (Administration Building's parking lot). Park your vehicle and notify the scale house that you would like to have your load inspected. 

If your load is verified as Clean Fill from an employee of the Landfill prior to getting on the scale the tipping fee will be free, otherwise your standard tipping fee will be applied.

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