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Salt River Landfill Policy and Procedures for SRP-MIC enrolled Tribal Members

  • Must show your Salt River Tribal ID picture, OR
  • Your spouse’s Tribal ID and your driver's license with matching surname
  • Load needs to be coming from your own home within the community

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If a Salt River tribal member hires someone to clean and haul their debris, the tribal member will need to fill out a “Tribal Member Waste Disposal Agreement” form for the hauler to present to the landfill when their load comes in to be disposed of. If the hauler does not present this form, a cash payment will be requested.

Landfill will request payment from the following:

  • Non-members
  • Non-members that live within community
  • Non-member tribal employees
  • Landscapers (members and non-members)
  • Members that do not live within the community
  • Construction clean up and/or haulers (members and non-members) without proper paperwork or prior approval verifying location of clean up

In order to receive accurate tonnage volume data accepted at the landfill, we are requesting that all loads are re-weighed after disposing their load prior to leaving the landfill.

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