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Tipping Fees
Garbage   $39.00 per ton
Green waste   $39.00 per ton
Palm fronds   $40.00 per ton
Appliances   $39.00 per ton plus a $10.00 freon extraction surcharge for refrigerators, freezers, and a/c units
Special handling fee   $35.00 flat fee plus weight based fees (Burying of documents or other wastes that require additional handling).
Mobile home fee   $100.00 flat fee plus weight based fees (Additional fee for tearing apart mobile homes or travel trailers).


Untarped loads   $10.00 flat fee plus weight based fees
 Boats $50.00 flat fee for boats over 9 feet plus weight based fees
Clean Fill

As of May 15th 2021, residential clean fill will be the normal tipping rate of $39.00 a ton.

Commercial customers with clean fill loads larger than a pick-up truck are encouraged to contact managment. These loads will likely be allowed to dump free of charge.

We are a "CASH ONLY" facility.      

A deposit in the amount of the estimated tare (empty) weight is required on all cash transactions. When weighting out the deposit is applied to the actual tare weight.

Once leaving the Landfill all transactions are final.


Credit and Debit cards are not accepted.

Salt River Landfill
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